Zinzino Balance Oil

I’d like to introduce you to a health supplement that I started to use in February this year. It is a blend of fish oil and olive oil, combining the omega 3 from fish with polyphenol from the olives.

Do you remember those days when food was simple and good and where you didn't need all these supplements and vitamins just to make sure you stay healthy? Well, those days are gone, but now you can supplement your diet in a clinically proven way. No more throwing away your money on products that claim to improve your health with no clear proof!

Zinzino Balance oil is a new kind of Omega 3 oil that blends high quality fish oil with high quality olive oil to create a product that is not only easy to take but is also a lot easier for your body to process than conventional fish oils. It can help reduce heart problems, normalise blood pressure and can reduce your cholesterol levels.

Here is a complete set of approved health claims:

Not only that, when you use Balance oil you can test the Omega 6:3 balance in your blood so you can track the improvements in your health, now and then again in about 4 months - so you'll know you're not pouring money down the drain when you buy our product.

I’ve been taking balance oil for 6 months now and my omega 6:3 balance has improved from over 20:1 to 3.6:1 - and I feel great!

So if you’re interested in learning more, get in touch to make an appointment to discuss this further so I can give you the proof behind these claims.