Amberbuzz Consulting

How can I help our planet?

I’ve been searching for the answer to this question for some time now. What can I offer to people that could make a positive impact?

And the answer, of course, is my experiences – packaging up the things I have done and the skills I have learned in such a way that I can help people and businesses grow and succeed, so they in turn can help solve the big and small problems of our planet.

I’m really excited about this challenge. Using the safety of my past learnings as a springboard for new services , new challenges and new experiences.

I take three related skill sets, coaching, mentoring and facilitation and combine them with the extensive tools and processes that I have collected (and am still collecting), into tailored packages of services that fit your needs – Business Accelerator Coaching.

These tailored packages might be small. For example a single life coaching engagement of 13 weeks, comprising 10, 1 hour coaching sessions.

They may also be quite large and complex. For example, taking your management team through a journey to implement the Rockefeller Habits across your organisation, using business accelerator coaching, combining business and project mentoring and workshop facilitation, over a period of months.

Life Coaching

I am a certified life coach. I provide tailored, holistic life coaching support. As a Life Coach, my job is the guide and “coach”, by asking questions.

Life coaching is not counselling and not mentoring. In life coaching sessions I guide you through a process that helps you steer a course through your future. It starts by helping you understand where you are now, which parts of your life work well, and where you would like to see changes.

As your life coach, in a series of life coaching sessions, I help you map out your life situation, identify where you would like to see a change, identify an objective that you can measure, set strategies to achieve that objective, and disciplines to deliver the strategies.

This is the best way I know to empower individuals to change and improve their lives!
For more information, please visit the Life Coaching pages.

Project Mentoring.

I am a certified Project Manager and deliver project mentoring services, using my experiences to guide your projects to success.

I have led and participated in waterfall, agile and hybrid project environments, as project sponsor, project leader, steering group member and contributor. 

I have over 40 year’s experience in project delivery. 

I firmly believe that if you want organisational change to succeed, you need the discipline of project management. 

However, to succeed,  project disciplines and structure need to be adapted to fit the culture of the business, and the nature of the project – to fit the complexity, urgency, interdependencies and criticality of the change.

Leadership through facilitation

I am an experienced facilitator, working with teams to help work better:

Gain common understanding, 

Develop common goals, 

Build strategies to achieve these goals, 

Build action plans and metrics to monitor and steer progress.

In doing so, team members gain trust in each other, become more empowered and find better ways to communicate – especially important in a virtual team environment.

This is the best way I know to enable change through teams.

Customer and Stakeholder focus

Business change only makes sense if it adds value to the organisation’s stakeholders:Customers, Investors,Employees,Suppliers and partners,Government and Community representatives…

and in all the cases I have experienced, changes in systems, processes and innovations require changes also in the behaviour and demands of at least some of these stakeholder groups. 

So, with this in mind, I believe engaging with stakeholders play a critical role in the success of any change, and this engagement needs to start from the very beginning of any change activity, before requirements are developed.

I have worked with tools such as the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas (Strategyzer – Alex Osterwalder) and with other tools for Service Design, prototyping, storyboarding) and can attest to the value of these tools to engage stakeholders in the change process and requirements.

To find out more, contact me to book an appointment or meeting, online or face to face.