Workshop Facilitation.

Do you need to create a team, engage a group of people to a common goal?

We’ve all been there! ¬†Organising a group of people around a new direction, change initiative or common goal, starting a new project, re-aligning a change initiative.

Sometimes you need an outsider view to facilitate the process – run the workshop, develop common understanding, trust and commitment.

As an independent workshop facilitator, the basic service would include the following:

  1.  An initial scoping meeting with the business owner/sponsor Рto understand the target state and the situation.
  2. Development of a draft agenda and workshop runsheet, including any needed prework from participants
  3. Revised agenda and plan
  4. Practical workshop preparation as required (venue, invitations etc)
  5. Facilitation of the event – half, day – all day etc
  6. Documentation of workshop outputs, parked topics, agreed actions etc.

To discuss further, call or send me a contact request.