Implementing the Rockefeller Habits

Does growing your business feel like you have a “tiger by the tail”?

I have recently returned from a few weeks in Sydney where a good friend introduced me to Scaling Up  and The Rockefeller Habits (Rockefeller habits checklist), by Verne Harnish.

Verne Harnish has created an impressive ecosystem of tools, templates, processes and services to support rapidly growing businesses, with a clear focus on common sense. The core of this ecosystem comprises four “Scaling Up “pillars”:

  • leading the people that are engaged in the business – including not only customers but all stakeholders: employees, vendors, investors;
  • setting a clear strategy for the business – one that is frequently reviewed and renewed but steering the business towards a “big, hairy, auditious goal”;
  • ability to execute against that strategy – with a focus on prioritisation, frequent measurement (daily) and rhythm (also daily);
  • a focus on cash – to ensure the growth of the business continues to have the cash required to feed the growth.

The Scaling Up tools and templates are not rocket science, and are very similar to tools and templates we have probably all seen and used in the past. The difference here is the approach – simple and pragmatic, eliminating the “fluff”, focussing on the core elements needed for a business to grow without being “eaten by the tiger”, and supported by guidance from the Scaling Up book or through “the Gazelles” coaching network.

In the following posts I will focus some of the elements of this Scaling Up ecosystem:

  1. The Rockefeller Habits – the main attributes of execution that every business needs in order to manage and flourish in a growth environment
  2. The Scaling Up book – which serves as a “user manual” for the operating model of your business

Meanwhile, I would recommend you test your business with the Rockefeller Habits checklist. I also recommend, especially, reading the book, which is available from Amazon but also free as part of a Scribd subscription.

Oh, and of course if you are interested in working with me on this journey of learning and implementation, please contact me.

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