I am a Business Transformation Coach,

I integrate the tools and processes of coaching, mentoring and team/workshop facilitation into tailored solutions to support you and your team, to achieve your true potential as a business and as a person.

I have over 45 year’s experience working in corporations, in the UK, Australia and Finland. Most of that time has been spent working with the tools and techniques for strategy creation and execution, process and project management, KPI and scorecard development.

Business transformation needs 5 core elements:

  1. Purpose – your “why” or “Just Cause”, Your “Massive Transformative Purpose” that can guide you and your team in the transformation process.
  2. Strategy – your “how” – core values, competencies, goals and plans that set the course towards your purpose.
  3. Execution – the “heartbeat” of your business, based on true accountability, metrics, rhythms, open communication, processes and prioritisation.
  4. People – The right teams, led by “Servant Leadership” with personal goals and values aligned with company purpose and values.
  5. Cash – Cash is the lifeblood of a business undergoing rapid transformation. A focus on strategies to improve cash flow in your business will help you fund growth as you transform.

Coaching is not consulting!

The coaching model helps you develop the skills and knowledge so you can take the steps you need to achieve your goals.

A business coach is not usually a subject matter expert. You are the expert of your life and your business, a coach’s job is to help you see things from a different perspective, to see new possibilities.

Conversely, a consultant is normally hired for their subject matter expertise or capability – to outsource a needed skill or to bring new expertise into the business.

This blog post, from www.certifiedimpact.com provides more examples of the distinctions between coaching and consulting.


Take the test - Scaling up self-evaluation tool

Download the Holistic Business wheel and take this simple self-assessment test.

How do you rate your business?

Consider each of the 12 capability areas shown and rate your current level of satisfaction in each of these 12 areas – a score of 10 means you’re fully satisfied – a score of zero means you’re completely unsatisfied.

The image to the right contains a detailed list of topics to consider inside each capability areas.

Holistic Business wheel detailed

The 4th Industrial revolution! Are you ready?

Disruption is here, now! Are you a leader or a victim?

Change is happening faster now than ever before – and it is fuelled by Moore’s Law as shown on Our World in data.

Almost everything we now see, use or desire has data and Information Technology inside – and this data and information is changing the world at an exponential rate – everything from health technology to solar power and 3D printing, all driven by the exponential characteristics of Moore’s Law.

This is good news as it shows us the potential for a world of abundance and equality, but it brings significant change and challenge with it, especially for existing businesses.

Are you ready?

Here is a list of technologies that will have significant global impact in the next 10 years:

Are you ready?

OpenExO is the global transformation ecosystem…

… with more than 3,500 coaches, investors, consultants and innovation specialists helping organizations, institutions and people unlock abundance to change the world.

I am a certified OpenExO Consultant. I can coach you through the process of Exponential change, starting with an online “awake workshop” for you and your leadership team.


Your ideas and dreams to improve the world

Your business that needs to grow to achieve it’s potential

Get empowered!

  • Clarity of purpose both individually and as a business
  • Clarity of values and application of values in your business teams
  • Support in the critical decisions you must get right to maximise your revenue, impact and time
  • Development of core and edge innovations around ExO technologies
  • Creation of a truly differentiated strategy for your business
  • Development of “rhythms” that facilitate strategy execution and support your business growth
  • Focus on cash to fuel growth
  • Attracting and retaining the right people
what my clients say about me

Graham has worked for Hiab from March 2017 to June 2018 with a variety of assignments. His latest task was to act as project manager for Hiab´s global ISO re-certification program commenced in October 2017 and closed in July 2018. The project was by nature complex with a very tight timeline, close to mission impossible. The set up worked across all Hiab’s business lines and also involved external advisors and notification bodies. Graham exercised excellent coordination and communication skills and he showed extraordinary professionalism completing the project meeting all set targets and deliverables. In my opinion as project owner, Graham reaches his full potential in the mid-layer of strategic targets and operational execution when project team members need frequent support and guidance. He provides clarity and structure to complex processes.

Tobias Bunne

Graham is a great communicator and project manager. At home with ambiguity, quick to grasp details but always looking at the big picture. Business, customer and stakeholder focussed and adaptable. He has a strong results orientation, especially strong with change management and getting results delivered through people and teams.

Thomas Larney Director, Global Sustainability, Facilities & EHS Manager, Hiab AB

Graham is an excellent facilitator and organiser – with a strong customer focus and plenty of experience. If you want to get something done, with lasting results, I can recommend Graham.

Oskar Norman Director Sales Support, Hiab AB

“Graham is visionary, energetic and goal oriented. He has strong facilitation skills with an ability to bring people together”

Sirpa Kaakinen Danfoss

“Very useful experience, led to clear goal setting (and achievements) but also made me aware of aspects of life to be thankful for.”

Kristoffer Gustafsson

Graham’s life coaching sessions were a great help when I wanted to clarify my business and life goals and dreams. The coaching made me step out of my comfort zone, and that truly is the area where the magic happens. The tasks Graham gave me helped me in my personal change process. The sessions genuinely helped me explore my different career and life opportunities. Graham inspired me to expand my career and life vision of what is possible and to take courageous challenges to move to the direction that I wanted. I can warmly recommend Graham as a life coach. He’s very warm and experienced. Also he’s a very good listener.

Mari Markkanen

Through Amberbuzz Life Coaching I now have the tools I need to steer my career based my values, not just for the sake of doing it!

Adi H from Sweden

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